The good news: You can now get an avocado that doesn't have a pit. "Cocktail avocados" are available. These avocados are 5 to 8 centimeters long and their skin is edible. No need to risk slicing your hand open scooping the meat from inside or whacking away at the pit - you can just chop it up and toss it on a salad, or eat it whole as a snack.

The avocado hails from an unpollinated avocado blossom, meaning it develops without a seed which, in turn, stops the growth. The fruit is grown in Spain and only available during December, where usually it is sent to a Parisian food market and purchased by chefs to be used in fancy restaurants. A British company (Marks & Spencer) is the first major retailer to be able to sell the fruit to the public.

Selling avocados without pits as a way to reduce the risk of people slicing themselves while trying to cut open the fruit. In case you were wondering, doctors say "avocado hand” (as this hazard is labeled) is real — and they're seeing more and more cases as the fruit's popularity continues to rise!




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