Carbon footprint is the measure of the total amount of emissions of carbon dioxide produced directly or indirectly by an activity or accumulated during the life stages of a product, either this is a good or a service.

In the food industry these stages include primary cultivation of raw materials, transportation, processing, storage or preservation, consumption and at the end rejection.

Food production and consumption is responsible for a significant part (20-30%) of all anthropogenic environmental impacts.

The food industrial sector contributes significantly to carbon emissions since food is prepared and distributed using enormous amounts of processing, packaging and transportation. It is estimated that in EU at least 5-6% of global GHG emissions are due to food transport, 8-10% due to food processing and packaging, around 1-2% due to refrigeration, and 1-2% due to retail. This corresponds to a total of 15- 20% of global emissions from these activities.

Source: http://foodprint.gr/index.php/en/

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