“AVOYOG” is a smoothie beverage containing Greek avocado and whey, enriched with prebiotic fibers, natural antioxidant extract and vitamin C. It has great nutritional value as it contains vegetable fats, mainly monounsaturated fibers, proteins, vitamins and minerals provided by the main ingredients, and has increased antioxidant activity. It is free of preservatives, colour additives and others, and most importantly no sugar is added. The use of modern technology achieve microbiological stability and contributes to the preservation of “fresh-like” flavour, taste, appearance and nutritional properties (similar to the freshly blended and prepared smoothie beverages).

“AVOYOG” aims to fulfill consumer demands for on-the-go consumption, fresh-like appeal and health boosting properties offered by smoothies and smoothie-type beverages, and can be consumed as breakfast, workout or between-meals snacks during the day. 

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